Mentoring for FOGG volunteers – thanks to the District Council

This week’s report on the goings on of the working party down at Glen Goyle sings the praises of Paul Fealey, Horticultural Technical Offer at East Devon District Council:

Today, eight enthusiastic volunteers turned up, and we were joined by Paul, our mentor from EDDC.

21st July 2021 – Friends of Glen Goyle

Here’s a little more on what Paul’s planning:

Horticultural officer Paul is indeed keen to replant the areas cleared of old ground cover with traditional Victorian shade-loving ground cover plants – and this will be done over the coming weeks.

Mid-summer 2022 newsletter – Friends of Glen Goyle

And here’s an account from the very first working party in early June – when volunteers realised that in Paul they had someone who could mentor them through their work along the Glen:

“We walked about fifty metres into the Goyle. Paul [Fealey, EDDC Horticultural Technical Officer] gave us a good insight into pruning, what to remove, and what to keep, and what to cut back and by how much. And described the environment, and what we can grow in it. Very interesting. It worked, as I sensed that people really enjoyed the educational introduction, as it then made the work much more meaningful.”

First working party has met along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

Finally, here’s a photo from the latest working party this week, showing Paul at work:

Photo taken by Phil Lee