In terms of work on the ground, things are gathering afoot – and things are also being literally gathered.

This week’s report is from Phil Lee of FOGG:

Although it didn’t look too encouraging first thing, the weather gradually improved, and by 10.30am six eager volunteers continued to make progress in the northern end near to the entrance. I really feel that more people now visit and use Glen Goyle than even in the height of summer last year, when we first started. And the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. There is possibly one more session needed to finish initial clearance in this area. We are mindful that we will soon have to start ‘back at the beginning’ and commence the maintenance regime.

The cut down vegetation from weeks of this clearance is literally piling up – and so one of the next jobs to be done will be to deal with that before the spring advances.

This photo of the biggest pile is from Katie Frost of FOGG: