A very busy and interesting session was had by working party members – and by very special guests – as reported this week by FOGG volunteer Phil Lee:

“A recurring theme at the moment seems to be looking at the weather forecast at breakfast time, being somewhat disheartened, only to be subsequently pleasantly surprised that we have had such a good morning.

We continued with weeding and removing dead wood and errant bamboos. The weeding has been made so much easier by the moist soil.

However, much of the morning was spent in the company of David Bassett and his wife Katie. David and his sister, Pat, played in Glen Goyle as children, as their grandfather owned Asherton House, over the brook (long since replaced by the houses). [See:  Asherton House – Friends of Glen Goyle]

We were also joined, and were very pleased to see, John M who has been much missed over the last few months. (Spring is here, and it’s interesting what comes out…).

And Ed planted three more ferns for the POH collection. Where possible, Ed will be planting three of each species. The fernery is beginning to look really good. [See: Ferns in Glen Goyle: planting more… – Friends of Glen Goyle]

Highlight in the Goyle at the moment, although you have to be looking up, is the white magnolia in flower, about 50m in from Manor Road. My photo obviously does not do it justice. The tree ferns are doing so well, invigorated but the extra sunlight that they are now enjoying. Lots of smaller plants are now in flower, and larger plants are looking very encouraging.”

With thanks to Phil for the usual enthusiastic and detailed report.