Minutes of FOGG meetings

The minutes for all our meetings will appear on this page.

Our inaugural meeting was by Zoom and and took place on 4th February 2021:

4th Feb 2021 Minutes

The next meeting was prior to the first site meeting and took place on 6th April 2021:

6 April 2021 Notes

These are the extensive notes taken of the site visit on 14th April 2021:

14 April 2021 Notes

To mark a year’s input and work, and to look ahead to the new year and new steps, a zoom meeting was held on 24th January 2022 – with a couple of new members:

24 Jan 2022 Notes

A year later there was another site meeting on 24th February to look ahead at next steps for 2023:

24 Feb 2023 Notes

Followed by a zoom meeting to build on the ideas and suggestions raised:

3 March 2023 Notes