This week’s report and photos are from FOGG working party member Phil Lee:

“It was a delight in Glen Goyle this morning, and five of us enjoyed a fresh, dry, sunny couple of hours working away. A few photos are attached.

We celebrated ‘Sidmouth Alexanders Day’, a plant with a fascinating past (see the attached article supplied by John) then we dug them up and threw them away. They really are very virulent and invasive, and need to be kept under control. Katie starred in the role.

We removed some of the lower poor-quality canopy to the north, a lot of it being dead, allowing more sunlight to get to some favoured but over-shaded plants. And we weeded in the area of the lawn bench. Most of the debris was either bagged (five require emptying before next week preferably) or stacked ready for shredding in due course.

A couple of camellias are flowering, and lots of bulbs are breaking through the soil.

All three tree palms are looking very healthy and have thrown out new palms. Amazing, as even Glen Goyle has probably experienced some frost this last week.”

Finally, here’s a note and further photo from FOGG member Katie Frost:

“Here is an intact Alexander in all its glory. Look at that root!

I broke my fork (a prong just snapped off) digging these up this morning.”