Friends of Glen Goyle

There are many interesting plants in Glen Goyle and also some common ones. The interesting ones have mainly been intentionally put there and the common ones have made their own way. The trees mention below are marked on the plan on the trees page.

Introduced plants

Daffodils. These are sprinkled throughout the glen on both sides of the stream south of the bridge and around the lawn area north of the bridge.

Tree Fern. There are a group of Tree Ferns on the right of the path as you head north, just before you reach the area of lawn.

Camellia. There are several camellia in the southern part of Glen Goyle and they are of different colours.

Harlequin Tree. The Harlequin Tree is to your left soon after you have descended to the flat part of the goyle when heading north from the southern entrance.

Handkerchief Tree



Plants which have probably introduced themselves

Brambles ( blackberry)