The last couple of weeks have been very wet and windy – and so the volunteers of the working party haven’t been able to get down to the Glen – until the morning of Thursday 14th December.

Here’s working party member Phil Lee’s report from that session:

Four of us turned up this morning. The weather was only ever going to improve, so we were confident of getting a bit done.

We finished planting the bulbs (about another 1000 today), so that is this year’s plants and bulbs all in the ground. And we cleared some bamboo and holly, in an attempt to get light and give breathing space to a few trees (which shall be nameless because I forgot to take note) and did a bit of weeding.

Whilst we are proud that we have no specific ‘attendance’ rules, it is likely that there will be no formal Thursday until the New Year, although anyone can potter around if they like.

So, a Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. Get some rest, because with Spring just around the corner, we can only imagine how busy we will be in a few months time.

Here is the view of their work captured by working party member Katie Frost. And as you can see, the view is one of calm and of care of place. Thanks to all!