This week’s report from the heart of the Glen comes from working party volunteer and FOGG steering group member Phil Lee:

Today, eight enthusiastic volunteers turned up, and we were joined by Paul, our mentor from EDDC. 

We had a chat about future plans. Some areas that require clearance will need input from EDDC (such as an area of brambles the size of a house, on the east of the lawn), as will the removal of a poisonous plant near to the path.

As well as carrying on with clearance to the eastern beds below the bridge, some of us moved north over the bridge and started clearance and pruning. We are removing lots of epicormic (word of the day) and straggling growth around trees. This will open up the areas below, to sunlight, and re-invigorate the trees. Roots of some plants that are not suited to their positions, will be removed in the winter, and replanted elsewhere. We have found a cherry tree that, with a bit of loving attention, could be one of the highlights of the lawn area. 

As usual, passers-by were generally very understanding and appreciative of our efforts. Paul’s direction means that we can reassure them about the overall plan, even when our initial work looks a bit destructive. (You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs). All the bare areas will be planted out with appropriate species.

Here are Phil’s photos from the day:

And here are several photos from mentor Paul Fealey, EDDC horticultural officer: