April 2022 update – plans and progress so far

The Friends of Glen Goyle have been going for over a year now – with the first site visit last April and a draft plan in map form put together at the time, to see where and how the Glen could be enhanced a little.

Quite a lot has been done since then, to build on the ideas and informal visits.

Photos taken in early June and August talk about brambles, nettles and self-seeded evergreens which could perhaps be reduced as they might well be stifling biodiversity.  Now that a year has passed, it should be easier to determine what needs to be cleared. And in the meantime, what planting could be carried out has been considered – based on the array of magnificent shrubs and trees already in situ.

When it comes to biodiversity, the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group is busy monitoring the quality of the waters of the stream – with an eye to the health of its invertebrates in particular. And when it comes to the Wool Brook in spate, there does not seem to be too much concern about any flooding issues. Meanwhile, foxes and badgers have been spotted…

There’s also the fascinating heritage of the site, with a particularly interesting array of maps through time and a special look at one aspect of the history of Glen Goyle – with pages on the Victorian plant hunters added over the last months.

Finally, one of the earliest tasks has been to ensure that the paths and fences are safe – and in February and March of this year, excellent work was carried out on the fencing and bridge. The next stage will be to engage the District Council in looking where we can take progress and ideas further – as we try to bring to full life the unique character of this magical Glen.

Photo: copyright, Ed Dolphin: “Walking through Glen Goyle I noticed what I thought were flowers up in the canopy. A closer look and it was the colourful sepals and fruits of the Harlequin Glorybower, how about that for a name. It is now logged on the Arboretum tree database as tree 1561.”  (20+) Sidmouth Arboretum – Posts | Facebook