There’s lots that needs doing down the Glen:

Things to do – Friends of Glen Goyle

The FOGG Working Party meets up at the entrance to the Glen on Manor Road every Thursday morning from 10am to 12.30. 

Photo: John McGregor of FOGG

Everyone who works on the working parties is covered by Public Liability Insurance held by the Vision Group for Sidmouth – and a risk assessment has been carried out with the East Devon District Council who own the land.

You can find stories and moments from the Working Party on the FOGG news pages:

Glen Goyle Gossip – Friends of Glen Goyle

For example:

First working party to meet along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

First working party has met along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

There are also lots of photos from the weekly sessions:

Working Party photos – Friends of Glen Goyle

And there are regular bulletins on what’s next to be done along the Glen:

Weekly Jobs for FOGG Volunteers – Friends of Glen Goyle

If you’d like to get involved or would like more information, do get in touch:

Contact us – Friends of Glen Goyle