This week’s photo comes from John McGregor – and show the volunteers about to plant some of the bulbs donated by Pat Barrett – although having cleared much of the area of three-cornered leek, the ground itself riddled with bramble roots, and will need a little more work!

This week’s report comes from Phil Lee:

It was a lovely, bright, clear and dry morning, so what better way to spend a few hours than in Glen Goyle? Four of us warmed up with some gentle clearance around the lawn area. But when John arrived with the bulbs, kindly donated by our good friend Pat Bassett, we set about clearing the three cornered leek (which is an invasive species) from the area between the lawn and the brook, in readiness for planting over the next few weeks. We did, however, plant some of the bulbs in the raised beds further south, opposite the brook, which were already prepared. Apparently, three cornered leek, or garlic, is used in cooking. It certainly gives off a garlicky odour when disturbed.

Discussions were had about the possible removal of the (now dead) brambles high up above the seat facing the lawn. We think that we will use some sort of grappling hook to catch on to it, and pull it down bit by bit. Needless to say, we will come up with a safe way of doing this, including ensuring that the public are not inconvenienced or put at risk.

And in the afternoon, John Hopkins popped down and did some more clearance work in the final bed by the northern gate, which is now looking much better. There is the remains of an alternative path there. We need to consider whether this can be reinstated to be an alternative, easier, access.