This week’s report is from FOGG working party volunteer Phil Lee:

Five of us turned up today, and enjoyed a nice dry, sunny, but not too hot, morning. 

We mainly put our efforts into filling more bags for disposal, and weeding the raised beds along the path. Whoever designed them as raised, like they are, has our vote. It’s so much easier than scrabbling around on the ground. The soil is nicely moist, which also helps. All the plants that were planted last year, are thriving. We do, however, have some bare patches, so some more planting would be appreciated. We have reclaimed a bit more lawn with the continued clearance. Once cleared, we shouldn’t get overwhelmed again. Most of the big clearance has probably been done in the last nine months. There are six full bags to be emptied. 

Half way up the Goyle and leaning over the stream, is a sawn off tree trunk, about five metres high. A Great Tit is nesting in a hole about half way up. We watched it fly in and out three times, removing bright orange fecal sacs, so there is a brood in there.

We meet a chap who is volunteering for Westcountry Rivers Trust, and is about to start testing the water on a regular basis. We said that we would be interested in his results.

With photos from FOGG working party volunteer Katie Frost:

And more from Katie here:

Spring growth in the sunshine along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle