With thanks for the latest report and photos from Phil Lee:

“The weather this morning was very conducive to some light manual work. So that’s what we did. In total six of us turned up, including a new volunteer, Tom.

“We continued working north, carefully clearing unwanted ground cover from the beds on the east of the path, and a little light pruning to allow a bit more light through. Some new suitable plants were planted in some of the cleared areas.

“We chatted about future plans, including planting new palms to replace those which may have died due to excessive cover above.

“As usual, we chatted to members of the public as they strolled through the goyle. People are appreciative of the work and plans that we have. Some remember it is it’s former glory, and look forward to a return of those halcyon days.

“The badger notices are still in position, and whilst I’m no expert, there appears to be badger activity around the sett by the path.”