FOGG volunteer Phil Lee reports on the latest session:

Seven enthusiast volunteers attended today’s working party. We worked around the lawn area, again clearing brambles and ivy, which was choking so much of Glen Goyle. It was a pleasant morning, sunny, but a nice temperature in which to work, and we made the most of the shade. We were joined by robins, blackbirds, and a mistle thrush (I think).

Passers-by chatted with us. One person has told me that she feels so much more happy walking along the path, now that it is less overgrown and dark.

Steps were cleared, and what is probably on old seat base uncovered. We will hopefully be able to make use of it. And also an electric cable in from Glen Road, suggesting that at one time there may have been lighting in the higher area.

With photos supplied by John McGregor:

As John says: about the huge canopy of very invasive bramble:

The bramble which has been removed from ground level to a height of about 3 metres must be the biggest anyone has seen for a long time. It looks like a cave entrance now!

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