Not very nice weather, but that didn’t put off this week’s working party. – who continue to make excellent progress.

As reported by FOGG volunteer Phil Lee:

Not put off by the weather forecast (and quite right too, as all we had was a few drops of rain as we packed up), we started by consolidating the pile at the southern end of the lawn. Hopefully this will all be cleared shortly, and from then on, as and when we need. Reducing the footprint of this pile, and noting that daffodils that were on the edge of the lawn last year, are now well into the lawn, shows how much lawn there used to be, and will be again.

We then started weeding along the southern section. Surprisingly easy, as it is predominantly a raised bed, and the soil, due to recent rain, was nice and crumbly. The new plants look healthy, with some already in bloom. Crocuses are flowering too, encouraged by the extra sunlight that they are now experiencing.

Meanwhile, Ed [Dolphin] as started to plant out the Peter Orlando Hutchinson fern collection. As we have left existing ferns to flourish, the chosen bed is already looking great. Thanks Ed. And also for your observations and suggestions.

Photos taken by Phil Lee of FOGG