The Glen is looking very shady and overgrown now on the 8th August 2021.

Of course the shade is necessary to a degree to help protect the mild microclimate, but once too much might is lost many things struggle to survive. The following pictures demonstrate how self seeded evergreens, of various types are causing problems. Most of these self seeders need to be removed or cut back to a level where they are not stifling biodiversity. We are in  the danger of Glen Gayle flora being reduced to just a few species who are out-competing the others.

Ivy and nettles and brambles all have their place, but there is very little on the west bank of the stream below the wooden bridge but ivy. Perhaps this could be reduced and other ground cover put in for variety?

The following pictures illustrate the amount of shade and choking of both plants and stream.


The old willow which had been cut down was showing good new growth in the spring but now appears to be dying.


The warning tape where the fence is missing has been broken. There is a very steep slope into the stream at this point but it is masked by vegetation.


The path surface continues to crumble and where the path is only earth it is getting very worn away. These roots need recovering.