The volunteers are really enjoying the winter sunshine.

Phil Lee of the FOGG working party reports:

What lovely weather for six keen volunteers to meet in Glen Goyle yesterday morning. Dry, with hint of sunshine, perfect for working in the shade of the larger trees near the northern entrance. As we had members of the public passing through on a regular basis, we had sufficient numbers to ensure that they could do so safely and unimpeded, and that all the work was carried out safely. Our yellow jackets are a great help.

We continued to put our efforts into clearing more of the dense vegetation that has swamped so much of the goyle over the years. We also removed some smaller self-seeded trees, and exposing the larger specimens that the gloye is rightly known for. And we also opened up the ground to some daylight, which will help improve biodiversity.

The next stage in this area, following a bit more clearance, will be to decide which further trees (a few of them are dead, swamped by ivy) should be removed (expert help required for the removal). And to come up with a ground cover planting scheme.

We were joined by the usual robins, and blackbirds, and very impressively, by a song thrush, which sang for us and came within a metre or two of us as we worked and watched, rummaging around for some tasty treats (the song thrush, not us). JH has some photos that he may share with us.