This week’s report from the FOGG volunteers comes from Phil Lee – and follows from the visit by the Britain in Bloom judges last week:

On what turned out to be a dry, if overcast, morning, five enthusiastic volunteers turned up to carry on improving Glen Goyle. Our main focus was in the lawn area, where we weeded, and cleared brambles, and dead stumps and branches, from the bank that bounds the pavement. We also cleared some more of the sheeting, although this is quite a task. Brambles, which of course are returning after last year’s clearance, are also being tacked throughout the park. Occasionally we take a moment to look around us, to remind ourselves how far we have come in one year. 

We have been asked again, if we are clearing the pavement side, which of course, we are not.

We concluded that ‘when’ Sidmouth is awarded ‘Britain in Bloom’, the champagne reception can be held on the lawn….

Here’s the photo of the lawn reproduced here, as taken by FOGG volunteer Thomas Hasler last week.

Perfect for popping a bottle or two:

Britain in Bloom visits the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle