Last week’s working party session was a wash-out, but this week’s weather made it just about possible to do some digging and mulching along the Glen – at least for a while.

Here’s the report and photos from FOGG member Phil Lee:

Four of us turned up this Thursday morning, despite the ominous forecast of poor weather, which did indeed curtail operations by around 11.30am.

The ground is so saturated at the moment, that carrying on preparing the ground behind the lawn bench was quite messy, although we persevered and made progress. And we weeded around the new shrubs, spread chippings, and removed some evasive plants around the lawn. Not bad.

Down on the brook side path, there are at least twelve different flowering species, just at this moment , a testimonial to last years efforts. 

Jeremy joined us for a while. We are looking forward to a summit meeting with EDDC representatives in a fortnight’s time.

Finally, here are some further photos of a few of those flowering species referred to by Phil:

Lovely spring flowers along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

Fritillaries along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle