FOGG Working Party volunteer Phil Lee has put together a great report for this week’s session:

The weather this morning, crisp and bright, with a lovely blue sky, really showed off many areas of Glen Goyle, and how we have improved light penetration, opened up vistas, exposed interesting plants, and generally improved the experience of visitor to the Goyle. But don’t take my word for it. The appreciative comments of the public, as they pass through, is testament to what we have achieved so far.


Eight willing volunteers turned up this morning. The work ranged from continuing to remove the three cornered leek (particular respect to that crew) behind the seat facing the lawn, cutting back very poor quality bushes that are infringing onto the lawn, on the boundary by Glen Road, further clearance of the beds towards the top entrance, moving subsidiary piles onto the main pile of debris, and collecting and disposing of litter (mainly glass and plastic bottles).

The main pile of debris (all of it vegetation, from brambles and ivy, to branches 100mm diameter) is now becoming rather ‘obvious’. A shredder would be useful, if it could be available for let’s say one whole day. I’m sure that we could keep it going until we’ve finished. It may be that the larger branches could be put to one side if they are too big for the machine, but that would be a minor amount. 

The general consensus is that we continue the Thursday morning sessions throughout the winter. There is no obligation to turn up, or stay, and the weather will certainly be a big driver of attendance numbers, but there is always something to do. 

And maybe a lunchtime social one Thursday? Probably now in the New Year.

[Photos are from Thursday morning sessions from November and October.]