There is quite a lot of clearing required at the start of this project (2021) but we have to be careful not to disturb things which will come up later in the year. At this stage we are not sure exactly what we have got in the space.

We do know that there is lots of 3 cornered leek ( Allium Triquetrum) which needs to be removed as it has been self seeding for years. There are also many self seeded sycamore saplings which need removing, and brambles and nettles need restricting to small areas so that they continue to provide for wildlife while not spoiling the ability of peopel to enjoy more interesting and less aggressive plantings.
Bay is another tree/shrub which has grown out of control and is shading out other growth.

As Glen Goyle is in the Conservation Area any work on things with a diameter of more than 75 mm at a height of 1.5m  above the ground needs to be notified to the Council and to receive approval. (Town and Country Planning Act 1990)