This week’s report is from Phil Lee – with his photos below of the morning’s work:

“Three keen volunteers spent an enjoyable morning planting eleven shrubs purchased with part of the donation very kindly given to FOGG by the Bassetts. David and Pat’s memories of playing in the top area, as children, have been so enjoyable, and helpful, as we try to bring some of the charm back to the gardens.

The weather was kind to us, as were the many walkers who expressed their appreciation of the ongoing regeneration of Glen Goyle. Quite a bit of our time was spent leaning on our spades chatting to them.”

John Hopkins provided the names for the shrubs:

As Phil notes:

“This is the area behind the bench facing the lawn. Seven mixed shrubs planted here.”

With the names of the shrubs provided by John Hopkins:

The bed behind the seat has three azalias, a Skimmia, a photinia, and two Pieris

“In the foreground, a white rhododendron near the path and opposite the lawn.”

“A hydrangea in the shaded area towards the bridge.”

“Two azaleas in the shade approaching the bridge.”