Here is a delightful account from this week’s site meeting from working party member John McGregor:

“On Thursday, whilst in the Glen, I was delighted to meet, by chance, Pat Bassett, who remembers running around the grounds and paddling in the stream. Her grandfather was Dr. Cohen, a private GP, who lived there. It was a Trust, set up by Pat’s father (a banker) who sold the property, in 1965, for development. 

“Pat is very pleased to see and learn about what we are doing and will be gifting bulbs and plants for the area that used to be her playground. She has agreed, with her brother, who lives in Canada, to provide historical information about the property. As Pat and her husband come to Sidmouth from time to time, there should be an opportunity to discover more about the layout and plantings from earlier times.”

These accounts will indeed be added to the FOGG website’s pages over time.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo from earlier this month taken by John: