Mid-summer 2022 newsletter


Things are moving nice and steadily along the glen – thanks to the dedication of both FOGG volunteers and council horticulturalist Paul Fealey.

As FOGG member Phil Lee says, from a recent working party session

“We continued working north, carefully clearing unwanted ground cover from the beds on the east of the path, and a little light pruning to allow a bit more light through. Some new suitable plants were planted in some of the cleared areas.”

“We chatted about future plans, including planting new palms to replace those which may have died due to excessive cover above. As usual, we chatted to members of the public as they strolled through the goyle. People are appreciative of the work and plans that we have. Some remember it is it’s former glory, and look forward to a return of those halcyon days.”

Horticultural officer Paul is indeed keen to replant the areas cleared of old ground cover with traditional Victorian shade-loving ground cover plants – and this will be done over the coming weeks.

Here are a few samples about to be put in…

The palms do indeed need a little attention – and possible replacement, perhaps in the traditional show of three plants grouped together, as suggested by Paul and FOGG volunteer John McGregor.

The plans, then, are for the gentle and gradual restoration of key features of the Victorian glen – and as the season advances, the Friends of Glen Goyle will be looking to longer-term planning, ‘to a return to those halcyon days’.

Finally, FOGG is working with the town council’s environment committee, with it’s activities reported in the latest committee newsletter

And this coming Monday 11th, the committee will be considering a request to fund tabards for members of the FOGG working party – to add a little visibility for volunteers and to show passers-by that everyone knows what they’re doing (hopefully!) from the FOGG logo.