Protecting badgers along the Glen

It has been reported that the badgers’ sett on the main thoroughfare along Glen Goyle has been blocked (and subsequently unblocked) more than once over the last month.  In response, the landowner, the District Council, have produced this notice which has been positioned opposite the […]

Plans for Glen Goyle

Earlier this week [on Wednesday 4th May], FOGG members met up with Paul Fealey, EDDC Horticultural Technical Officer – to look at how to take forward plans to enhance the character of the Glen Goyle. It was a year ago when the first draft plans […]

The trees of Glen Goyle

The Sidmouth Arboretum will be looking to its tenth anniversary next month – celebrating years of gathering data about the Sid Valley’s trees: Tree Map – Sidmouth Arboretum A special survey has been carried out by Arboretum and Friends of Glen Goyle member Ed Dolphin. […]