Twas dimpsy down the Glen


Here’s a little report from FOGG member Phil Lee – from a month ago in fact, but weather and light-wise, things are pretty much the same down the Glen this side of the New Year:

I walked both ways through the Goyle yesterday at 4pm, getting dimpsy (good word), and I encountered eight other people using it, on a cold winters evening. I think that the number of people walking through the Goyle is increasing because, well, it’s just a more inviting place.

Here’s another little report – from BBC Radio Devon:

The origin of ‘dimpsy’ is not certain. One theory is that it may be derived from dim (which can be used as a noun to mean dusk), and dim certainly seems to be the origin of dimmit, another word from the south-west of England meaning dusk. ‘Dimpsy’ as an adjective meaning dusky is in regular use in the south-west of England. It is frequently used to describe the distinctive light of dusk (or dawn) or the time when this light is present.

BBC Arts – Contains Strong Language – Free the Word: Dimpsy

And here’s another report on the charms of the dimpsy light from Two Blondes Walking:

A Dimpsy Dartmoor Lane | Dartmoor Hiking