Opening up the Glen Goyle lawn

A priority is to bring more light into the Glen – but without losing the charm and mystery of the place: Letting the sunshine into the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

As for the undergrowth, a lot of that also needs cutting back – to allow more variety and less dominance by just a few species: Three Cornered Leek down the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

All this also means interesting things get discovered – and not only plant life: Uncovering the past along the Glen – Friends of Glen Goyle

All this above activity has been around the ‘lawn area’ – as shown as the ‘Far Lawn’ on this map created by David Bassett, whose family used to own the gardens: 

And a couple of photos from around the lawn from late summer show what has been cut back and what needs further cutting back – to bring more light and open up more possibilities for this area: