Ferns in Glen Goyle

There are spots along the Glen where once-impressive specimen ferns have died due to neglect or not enough sun: 2022 mid January – Friends of Glen Goyle and 30th June 2022 – Friends of Glen Goyle

As clearing has progressed, it was reported during the summer how much the ferns and such like, although shade ground-cover, are enjoying a bit more space and air and a little more sunlight. 4th August 2022 – Friends of Glen Goyle

And following on from today’s working party session, John McGregor has sent the latest photo of tree ‘ferns flourishing’:

As a reminder, back in April 2021 during a site visit and before work started on the Glen, you can see how overgrown the Glen was – and peeping through the overgrowth are several palms and tree ferns: 2021, April 14th – Friends of Glen Goyle

Here’s a little more on what could be ‘restored’: Palms in Glen Goyle – Friends of Glen Goyle

There are indeed plans for more ferns to be introduced over the coming months: more information forthcoming!