Thursday therapy with the song thrush

The volunteers of the FOGG working party have been enjoying the winter sunshine along the Glen – as has the birdlife, clearly getting more active and clearly enjoying the healthier habitats. 

As reported by FOGG member Phil Lee from last week’s Thursday session:

What lovely weather for six keen volunteers to meet in Glen Goyle. Dry, with hint of sunshine, perfect for working in the shade of the larger trees… 

We continued to put our efforts into clearing more of the dense vegetation that has swamped so much of the Goyle over the years. We also removed some smaller self-seeded trees, and exposing the larger specimens that the Gloye is rightly known for. And we also opened up the ground to some daylight, which will help improve biodiversity.

We were joined by the usual robins, and blackbirds, and very impressively, by a song thrush, which sang for us and came within a metre or two of us as we worked and watched, rummaging around for some tasty treats (the song thrush, not us).

Photo by John Hopkins of FOGG