The rhododendrons are looking superb this year along the Glen

Rhododendrons: rampant invasive or glorious splash of colour?

It depends on the variety: Government accused of failing to tackle invasive rhododendron in England | Global development | The Guardian

More benign rhododendron could fit well into west-coast rainforest – including the Sid Valley: Uncovering Britain’s ancient rainforests – BBC Travel and Devon Wildlife Trust wants to double size of county’s rainforests – BBC News and Lost rainforest could be revived across 20% of Great Britain | Environment | The Guardian 

Besides, the rhododendron fits well into the ‘Victorian’ Glen Goyle: The man who was ‘by far the most significant breeder of rhododendrons of the 20th century’ – Country Life

And now is very much the time to appreciate the glorious splash of colour that the rhododendron is bringing to the Glen.

As reported earlier today by FOGG working party member John Hopkins:

The rhododendrons are looking superb this year and probably benefiting from more light and some pruning.