The fernery takes shape along the Glen

A project to create a fernery on Glen Goyle is well under way.

Over the last couple of months, Ed Dolphin has been working in collaboration with FOGG to create a special area for a very special collection.

This is from Ed’s initial report:

As part of its survey of the local flora, the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group has located most of the species listed in [Peter Orlando] Hutchinson’s book still living in and around the valley.

Working with the Friends of Glen Goyle and EDDC, we hope to plant a new collection of Hutchinson’s ferns on the bank at the top end of Glen Goyle. Unlike the Victorians who plundered sites to the detriment of some species, all the ferns in the collection will be cultivated specimens, some grown from collected spores but most from commercial nurseries.

POH Fern Collection

This is from a FOGG report, also from a couple of months ago:

Ferns in Glen Goyle: planting more… – Friends of Glen Goyle

And now Ed has planted up several more ferns and has provided the latest photo of the fernery:

As Ed also reports, “there are four small fern species to go into the flint wall, plus the lemon scented or mountain fern to source”.

We all look forward to its completion!