The magical trees of Asherton House Garden

In the new year, a full and fascinating piece was put together on the house and gardens which made up much of the Glen Goyle:

The magical history of the Asherton House Garden – Friends of Glen Goyle

Since then, there has been even more research carried out – by David Bassett who lived there back in the 1960s. 

Here’s his latest report with its wonderful focus on the number of trees which are still very much with us:

Finally, I have revised the sketch of Asherton’s garden as we remembered it at children. I am so grateful for our discussions in March especially with Phil and with Ed who identified the trees for me that included the Western Red Cedars and the Weeping Lime tree that are no longer there. As I indicated before I was so pleased to see the Magnolia tree in John McGregor’s garden is still there. The Japanese Maple is still there but has greatly increased in size.

And here’s the wonderful updated map: