The Harlequin Glorybower and Glen Goyle

The Clerodendrum trichotomum or Harlequin Glorybower is a striking plant:

Clerodendrum trichotomum is an extremely showy, Mediterranean style shrub that has aromatic leaves and beautiful, fragrant, white flowers in the middle of Summer. The flowers are followed by striking blue fruits that are surrounded by purple calyx

Clerodendrum trichotomum – Harlequin Glorybower – Jurassicplants Nurseries

It is certainly described in exotic terms: 

Clerodendrum trichotomum|harlequin glorybower/RHS Gardening

And its rather pompous name does indicate that it was introduced to Europe from Japan in Victorian times:

Harlequin Glorybower

Back in the spring of last year, one was spotted in the Glen by Ed Dolphin:

“Walking through Glen Goyle I noticed what I thought were flowers up in the canopy. A closer look and it was the colourful sepals and fruits of the Harlequin Glorybower, how about that for a name. It is now logged on the Arboretum tree database as tree 1561.”  (20+) Sidmouth Arboretum – Posts | Facebook 

A newsletter for spring 2022 – Friends of Glen Goyle

The plant was subsequently lost – but small saplings have appeared in the last week in the area where it was last spotted – with photos taken by FOGG working party member Phil Lee:

And as Phil says in his report, these little plants clearly welcome the extra sunlight:

“Every week, we admire plants, particularly trees, that were not evident when we first started, as they were smothered and struggling for light and space.”