A newsletter for spring 2022

The Glen is now bursting with life – and so perhaps it’s time to both look forwards to the promise of the place, as well as look at what a year of growth has bought.

Here’s a fresh page on the FOGG website which does just that: April 2022 update – plans and progress so far – Friends of Glen Goyle

But do have a look at the inspiring map from April last year, with ideas and plans of where and how we could enhance the place: Site visit maps: April 2021 – Friends of Glen Goyle

Because this week, in the first week of May, we will be enjoying another site visit – with council officers to see where we can go next – so do get in touch if you’d like to join us: Contact us – Friends of Glen Goyle

Photo: copyright, Ed Dolphin: “Walking through Glen Goyle I noticed what I thought were flowers up in the canopy. A closer look and it was the colourful sepals and fruits of the Harlequin Glorybower, how about that for a name. It is now logged on the Arboretum tree database as tree 1561.”  (20+) Sidmouth Arboretum – Posts | Facebook