The big plant session starts along the Glen

Last week’s Thursday morning working party was cancelled for obvious reasons:

Storm Ciarán in Sidmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth

As horticultural officer Paul Fealey said, there was “a very real risk to work under the mature trees at Glen Goyle.”

The “big plant session” newsletter – Friends of Glen Goyle

Fortunately for this week’s Thursday morning’s working party, the weather was perfect for that ‘big plant session’.

And as FOGG volunteer John Hopkins said, it turned out to be “a very productive and enjoyable morning.”

9th November 2023 – Friends of Glen Goyle

It was certainly productive – in that officer Paul was able to take round District Councillor and environment portfolio holder Geoff Jung who said “What a lovely secret spot … and what a fantastic job is being done there! Brilliant work to be awarded an RHS award this year!”

Here are a couple of photos of plants and productive planters, taken by FOGG volunteer Katie Frost: 

Getting going this morning

Happy workers