“Managing for nature” along the Glen

Earlier this month, in response to interest and curiosity from passers-by along the Glen, a somewhat provocative question was posed:

“Why not re-wild the Glen?” – Friends of Glen Goyle

This has in turn provoked some comment on social media:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | There’s been some debate about ‘rewilding’ and the wee Glen Goyle park which is being sensitively restored – which means trying to restore some of the… | Facebook

And there has been further discussion about another area of the town:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | There has been an overwhelmingly positive response on Facebook to the idea of changing the maintenance regime at Lymebourne Park to give nature a help… | Facebook

As Cllr Denise Bickley has said:

As we’ve said ‘rewilding’ is not the right term (I prefer ‘managing for nature’) and it needs to be done well…

Meanwhile back at the Glen, the latest report from working party member Phil Lee looks at what ‘managing for nature’ actually means:

We all enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere within Glen Goyle, and continued to remove rampant brambles and ivy, which are doing so much to suppress the biodiversity in large parts of the Goyle. With dappled sunlight now being able to penetrate towards plants which need it, and towards the ground where ground-cover plants have and will be placed, the variety of flora and fauna should greatly increase over the next twelve months. But first, the hard graft! 

18th August 2022 – Friends of Glen Goyle

photo: EDDC horticultural officer Paul Fealey