Parks and Gardens @ East Devon

There are all sorts of resources and a fair bit of information on the EDDC website when it comes to the green spaces it’s responsible for…

Here’s a pretty long list of parks and gardens in the Sid Valley which the district council is responsible for – and which includes Glen Goyle:

List of East Devon’s main green spaces – Sidmouth – East Devon

And part of that responsibility is enhancing the biodiversity within theses green spaces:

At East Devon we are striving to improve biodiversity and support nature recovery across all of our greenspaces. This means we are using information on historical, ecological, environmental and human use to inform our green space strategies across the area.

Nature Recovery – East Devon

Meanwhile, perhaps we need to be adding the Glen to the council’s list of ‘nature recovery’ sites…

Finally, there are various schemes to sponsor benches and trees:

Buy a memorial seat – East Devon

Buy a memorial tree – East Devon

With a photo of the nice new bins, courtesy of the EDDC, at the top of the Glen: