Finding rubbish amongst the brambles and ivy

The FOGG project is progressing well – as reported by member Phil Lee earlier today:

We now have small weekly working parties of volunteers carefully and sympathetically restoring Glen Goyle to something like it’s former character, under the direction of Paul Fealey of EDDC, who patiently guides and educates us.

And they are finding rubbish amongst the brambles and ivy:

We are regularly picking up any new litter, and also un-earthing and removing lots of older litter (in some cases no doubt from many years gone by).

Much of it has been lying around for a long time – and as much of it is plastic, it hasn’t biodegraded:

Two bags of rubbish collected today. Lots has already been taken away as we’ve cleared vegetation, and no doubt lots more will be found and disposed of as we progress. The Thursday group will pick up anything that they see. It must be said, lots of it is quite old. I’m on the look out for a bottle with a glass stopper….

Meanwhile, EDDC officer Paul Fealey reports that a new bin has just been installed along the Glen – so hopefully fewer opportunities to pick up litter amongst the brambles and ivy.

Join the working party every Thursday morning 10-12.30 – and so not just to pick up litter!


Today’s pickings: litter, much of it plastic, found along the Glen today

Photo: Phil Lee