Welcome to Glen Goyle Gossip

It is now a year since the first gathering of  folk keen to sing the praises of a wonderful ‘secret gully’ in the middle of Sidmouth – namely Glen Goyle.

But they weren’t just interested in its fascinating history.

Rather, the idea is to restore some of its former Victorian glory – and its aims are “to tackle this neglected area and bring it back to a more balanced state”.

Over the following months, all sorts of proposals were made – and further research carried out, from plants and wildlife to the Victorian plant collectors.

And now, a year on, clear progress has been made with the infrastructure, further site visits are planned and draft formal plans are being drawn up.

If you’d like to get involved, do get in touch.

And look out for the regular postings on Glen Goyle Gossip for fascinating stories and the latest goings-on.