Upgrading Glen Goyle

Here’s the latest on the paths through the Glen:

John McGregor has been keeping in touch with the Council about getting lost fencing replaced. He’s been in touch with East Devon District Council’s StreetScene – both last June and again this January about damaged and missing railings.

You can see the fence which was missing in these photos,  and the work done is shown below, thanks John!

First the warning tape was replaced and then a new fence was created to match the existing fencing. Perhaps someday we will be able to afford something more elegant? In the meantime it stops people slipping down a steep bank into the stream.

February 2022, fencing – Friends of Glen Goyle

Once again thanks to John McGregor for keeping his eye on things, keeping the pressure on EDDC, and supplying photos for the website.

The bridge over the stream has been upgraded to give better grip and strength.

Improvements from March/April 2022 – Friends of Glen Goyle