New Year’s newsletter: looking forward to 2024

The Friends of Glen Goyle has been very productive over the last 12 months – especially on the ground as it were.

Two weeks ago, the working party volunteers were very busy planting bulbs (some thousands!). As FOGG member Phil Lee said to his colleagues at the time:

Get some rest, because with Spring just around the corner, we can only imagine how busy we will be in a few months time!

14th December 2023 – Friends of Glen Goyle

And during November, they were very active, putting in the loads of herbaceous bedding plants supplied by the District Council – with a photo taken by horticultural officer Paul Fealey during one of the sessions:

16th November 2023 – Friends of Glen Goyle

With lots more reports on the working party’s weekly sessions to peruse from the last year:

Working Party photos and reports – Friends of Glen Goyle

And looking forward to next year, it won’t just be the hard graft of planting and pruning, of digging and clearing.

There will be a site meeting at 11am on Thursday 18th January down the Glen – as we look to planning for the new year, not only in terms of plants but also infrastructure, such as paths, benches and notice boards. Anyone interested in furthering the enhancement of the Glen more than welcome to come along.

There have also been further additions to various pages on the FOGG website – with thanks to John McGregor, Phil Lee and Pat Jones for their contributions:

History of Glen Goyle – Friends of Glen Goyle

Asherton House – Friends of Glen Goyle

And there are of course the weekly blog or news pieces – with lots of excellent photography from the likes of FOGG members Katie Frost and John Hopkins:

Glen Goyle Gossip – Friends of Glen Goyle

Finally, a big welcome to the new ‘members’ of FOGG – in that being a member simply means signing up for the occasional newsletter and the odd request for information/help. Several new members added their names at the FOGG stall earlier in the month at the Arboretum’s annual celebration – and where the new FOGG banner was shown off for the first time:

FOGG @ the Arboretum’s celebration of trees 2023 – reports – Friends of Glen Goyle

So, here’s to a rich and rewarding time down Glen Goyle next year: hope to see you down there some time in 2024!

And a Happy New Year to all!