FOGG @ the Arboretum’s celebration of trees – reports!

The Arboretum’s celebration of trees event on Friday 18th went very well: Very good evening celebrating trees, thank you to all the people who helped and to people who made donations totalling £125 which will go towards planting the 14,000 trees. Facebook

Pretty much all the attendees have got back to say so – including the Friends of Glen Goyle.

Here are Sandra, Phil and Annie at the FOGG pitch just before things started:

And this is from Phil’s account of the evening:

The event was very well attended yesterday evening, and at one time the hall was buzzing, as people tried to make their way from stand to stand. Annie joined Sandra and myself, and in our bright tabards, we seemed to attract more than our share of interested people. Nothing negative, just a lot of interest, and positive feedback. Some potential volunteers.

And guest of honour was without a doubt Pat Bassett. We thanked her for all the information, she thanked us for our efforts and vision. And Pat talked about Asherton House [whose grounds make up much of Glen Goyle] and her grandfather who practised from the house. The plan of the old garden interested a lot of people, along with Ed Dolphin’s tree survey. 

We parted with a few leaflets and cards.  All in all, a very good and well attended event, with interesting talks and information-packed stands and cheerful volunteers.

Here is an impressive photo of the gift from Pat Jones (née Bassett), taken by John McGregor

John reports:

Pat Jones (granddaughter of Dr. Cohen who lived at Asherton House) delivered these bulbs today:

  • Specie Crocus mixed
  • Brodiaea Queen Fabiola
  • Crocus Barr’s Purple
  • Daffodil Orange Cupped
  • Daffodil Yello Trumpet

And to finish, here’s another photo from the evening of Sandra

With Sandra’s own report:

Yesterday evening was a great success with Annie’s attendance being an added bonus. Everyone visiting our table was very interested in our project and two were keen to get clues on how to start up their own gardening groups!

The information given by Dr.Cohen’s granddaughter was so revealing of how life in his and her younger days evolved. I think she said her brother plans to visit in March and I hope very much to be able to hear what he might have to say. She was certainly very appreciative of and encouraging to the FOGG contingent. So now look forward to planting bulbs!