What’s in a name? What to call the stream running through the Glen Goyle?

There has been a bit of rain these last days – as recorded in this recent photo of verdant scene at the head of the Glen: 


Taken by John McGregor looking at how the brook copes with heavy rain – which seems to be quite well. In his words ‘This is from the last time we had a real downpour, whenever that was! ‘

2022 Mid May rain – Friends of Glen Goyle

Also from the pages of the Glen Goyle website – a discussion of what to call the stream which runs through the gully. Should it be the Bickwell Stream or the Wool Brook or what?

History of Glen Goyle – Friends of Glen Goyle

Finally, come rain or shine, there will be a first meeting of the volunteer working party on Thursday 9th June:

A ‘secret garden’ in the heart of Sidmouth – Friends of Glen Goyle

Do get in touch if you’d like to join the group down at the Glen.

Contact sec@visionforsidmouth.org or go to https://visionforsidmouth.org/contact