Calling all volunteers along the Glen!

The volunteers who form the FOGG working party continue to do great things – clearing the Glen of ivy and brambles which have taken over every bed and bank, and cutting back bushes and shrubs which have grown weedy or overstretched. All with a view to giving the Glen more light and space to breathe – and to allow for healthier and more varied growth. And to allow for some fresh planting!

Since FOGG started work on the Glen, it has been the intention of the volunteers’ mentor Paul Fealey, EDDC’s horticultural officer, to replace the monoculture of rampant undergrowth with a variety of ‘Victorian bedding plants’ which should provide more interest, more nectar and more biodiversity.

Paul has just got in touch with a couple of proposals…

I have been talking to EDDC’s Communications team about interviewing volunteers from different EDDC green spaces about their motivations for and rewards from volunteering. Comms are really interested in it and want to create a volunteering promotional video, and have asked if I can ask as many people as I can if they would like to be interviewed.

If any FOGG volunteers are interested, comms will be creating a short list of questions that they will be asking on video, which they can send out in advance (via me) so people know what they will be asked. Also, the comms team will need to be based somewhere and have people come to them at set times. I feel that Connaught Gardens would be best because if the weather is awful, we could use the shelter of the bandstand.

This will be a great opportunity to promote Glen Goyle, the merits of volunteering and future plans for the site – all of which should attract a lot more volunteers to Glen Goyle.

Can you also remind volunteers that this week will be a mass planting exercise, and if they can come earlier/stay later, then it would help a lot. And if they can bring a spade/trowel, then that would help, too.



Paul Fealey. Horticultural Technical Officer, East Devon District Council

So, if you’d like to help in promoting FOGG, are happy to receive a list of questions and are prepared to speak to camera – just get in touch at

Or here: