This is what I have got together so far. Please use or ignore as you see fit!

This is the book about Veitch, Hortus Veitchii
And these are extracts from it
List of most famous introductions. I have researched all plants on this list so those which are useful are in the working doc below.
List of Plant collectors
I have not worked through all the collectors’ introductions. I have done the Lobb brothers and the Veitch men fairly thoroughly, Wilson is mostly too late, I have occasional Maries and Pearce but they need checking, and I haven’t touched the others at all.

These are working notes which haven’t made it into the working doc draft document yet
Assorted Fuchsia info
Bamboo and miscellanea
Plant hunters for Veitch and what they collected
Plant list from collectors and Hortus Veitchii

This is the draft document as far as I have got, you will see from the docs above there is still lots to do! I have tried to find useful links to help people make choices and have looked at wildlife value as well as ornamental value and ease of maintenance. If I haven’t noted what conditions they like it is because the links give the info.
I have rejected those from the list of most famous introductions which are not suitable for planting so you don’t have to go through it again.
Working doc unfinished Possible plants for Glen Goyle